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Ren Xue and Yuan Gong Qigong for the modern man

Yuan Gong

Ren Xue is a system that gives us the knowledge of how to lay the foundation for a good life that continuously develops toward self-fulfillment and wisdom. Ren Xue has a holistic view of the universe, man and nature - everything depends on everything. Ren Xue includes Yuan Gong, a Qigong system and Yuan Ming Medicine, a system for therapists to reduce or eliminate health problems.

What can Ren Xue and Yuan Gong Qigong do for you?

For you who want to improve health

Do you feel tired, stressed and has body pain? Do you have trouble falling asleep?

It is well documented that Qigong improves health. To practice Qigong for a while each day leads to continuously improved health. Qigong provides improved circulation in the body. You become more energetic and feel more alert. More intensive training gives quick results; during a 12 day retreat about 80% of the participants experience improved condition, many report that the problems have completely disappeared.

Many common problems associated with our lifestyle may disappear. It is e.g. insomnia, mental fatigue, poor memory, weak will, poor concentration, low energy or restlessness.

For you who are thinking of Qigong and not practiced before

In the further development of life, it is important to improve the quality and quantity of Qi (life-giving energies) in the body as a basis for improving the physical and mental health. Yuan Gong exploits the human body's natural movements and Qi to quickly and effectively improve health and wellbeing. Yuan Gong is very effective in normalizing the body's physical functions and posture, as well as to improve the quantity and flow of qi, as well as to promote feelings of deep inner peace, harmony and contact with nature.

The exercises are suitable for everyone. They are:

  • Easy to learn and to practice

  • Pleasant

  • Effective, results come quickly

Yuan Gong works with the universal original Qi - Qi in its most pure form, before it has been transformed and differentiated into its innumerable forms. This original Qi has a very fine and uniform quality, and is everywhere in the universe. When pure original Qi is introduced into the body it is converted to the forms of Qi that the body needs for harmonization and strengthening of the body

Read more under the next heading "For you who feel that you are not making progress in your Qigong training"

For you who feel that you are not making progress in your Qigong training

Have you been practicing Qigong for some time and feel you are not making progress?

Yuan Tze – the creator of the Yuan Gong system says:

"After many years having applied the existing systems, both traditional and modern to help people, I found that a system for people in this era must be easy to learn and to practice, pleasant to practice, not too time-consuming and, above all, effective to improve health. Because I see that no existing Qigong System meets these criteria, it became a natural focus for me to create Yuan Gong. Yuan Gong is a safe and effective method based on a deep understanding of Qi and Qigong achieved through fundamental studies as well as long-time practicing. "

It is essential to learn from those who have a proper education. Qualified teachers can help those who practicing to understand the benefits of a specific method and how it should be practiced, ie movements, consciousness activities and state.

It is especially important for those who are new, that the teacher can answer any question that arise during a course or during training. Because Qigong affects the body and mind to change and evolve, different phenomena so-called reactions may show up e.g. like seeing light phenomena, unusual sensations in the body o.d. These phenomena are indications that change takes place, which is positive. But it can create a lot of surprise and questions among those who experience them.

If you are healthy and feel good and want to continue with that

Do you feel healthy and want to maintain your health over time

Qigong training makes it more difficult for diseases to arise. Qigong is working on and strengthens the entire body, not just one or some parts of it. The body becomes smoother and stronger and the risk for emerging diseases is reduced.

Qigong training also improves the immune system. This means that those who practice does not get sick as often in cold or flu.

For you who want to further develop but have not yet found the right methods

Are you tired of merely seeking satisfaction through external experiences in the form of material things? Are you thinking about your goals in life and if you do the right things?

Qigong training makes the mind peaceful and harmonious, and provides the conditions for a better structured life. You become more focused and joyful which makes everyday life easier, you get more "flow". As your mind becomes more focused you will be plan the day's activities better and be more structured. You become the master of your own life.

For you who want to develop your abilities beyond the ordinary

You understand that your consciousness possibilities are great and want to develop further.

Qigongträning kan även ge möjlighet att utveckla speciella förmågor som människor normalt inte har men som är möjliga med vårt mänskliga medvetande. Förmågorna innebär att vi kan få information eller initiera förändring utan att använda oss av våra vanliga sinnen, medvetandeaktiviteter eller fysisk kraft. Sådana egenskaper kan vara ”att veta direkt”, ”direkt inkänning / förståelse av ett tillstånd”, ”penetrerande seende”, ”fjärrseende / se saker som är utanför vårt synfält”, ”flytta saker utan att använda fysisk kraft”.

Every man has a consciousness that has the potential to use such abilities, they just have not yet opened up. A prerequisite is a peaceful and harmonious interior and the special techniques used in Yuan Gong.

For you who want to build the foundation to develop an understanding and wisdom

As for the development of the special capabilities, it is necessary to open up the consciousness to be clear, stable and clean. To achieve this plenty of Qi is required, that can be obtained through Qigong training. Most qigong does not give this possibility. The higher levels of Yuan Gong can partly help those who wish to work on consciousness including changing their patterns and develop the essential qualities of life.

Ren Xue and Yuan Gong for life cultivation.

Development of life started immediately after the creation of the universe and it is a constantly ongoing process in the universe. During this development the modern man came to exist around 200.000 years ago. To understand life and its development development has always been of great humen interest.

Ren Xue with the Qigong system Yuan Gong and the therapist tool Yuan Ming Medicine is a great step forward for human life cultivation; to uplift consciousness to understand life better and as a result also live a better life.

Yuan Gong - a unique and efficient Qigong system.

Development of new qigong systems or methods are very rare. Zhineng Qigong was the 80s and 90s big Qigong Event that was spread and has been practiced worldwide. After nearly thirty year we see the next big event when Yuan Tze in 2013 created Yuan Gong, a new and unique qigong system. The first two Yuan Gong methods Tianyuan and Di Yuan was taught in 2013 by Yuan Tze and was accompanied by two new methods Ren Yuan and Xia Yuan in November 2014.

The methods are simple, meditative, and pleasant to practice. The acceptance of Yuan Gong have been significant in relatively short time since the methods are efficient and give fast results eg in the form of noticeable health improvements. Yuan Gong can be practiced by all of different ages, health conditions and for different purposes - YUan Gong a Qigong tool for the modern man.

Do you want to learn and practice Yuan Gong Qigong style? See if there is a teacher near you in our list of teachers

Tianyuan provides a smooth, easy and joyful introduction to Yuan Gong, and Di Yuan further deepens the training. Ren Yuan easily becomes a favorite for those who practice it regularly. It is exciting and interesting and become like a comfortable beautiful dance when you have learned it. Ren Yuan softens and strengthens the body and increases energy levels and flows.

Some comments from Ren Yuan students:

  • I practice Ren Yuan daily. I feel the training session as one of the highlights of the day. I get glimpses of different states of consciousness and I'm refreshed and full of energy afterwards.
  • I feel that this method offers significantly more than all the methods I have practiced so far.
  • Regarding Ren Yuan, the results have exceeded my expectations. Continues to practice with pleasure.
  • I think the new Ren Yuan is the supreme good for the body especially the back doing very well by the exercises. Being able to pick out some sequences and practice these are also great if there is insufficient time for the entire program.

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